Aero engine lease and sale processes are simplified with available tools like a marketplace, a social network communication system and documentation management, combined in one platform.
Aeroji: Your platform for efficient aircraft engine trading and fast networking.
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What is
Express your needs in a unique marketplace and benefit from a faster, reliable, convenient and real-time match making service.
Every asset has its own product page where all relevant information is presented in a detailed overview including available documentation as well as stats and KPIs.
Generate actionable insights via details overview
The search agent helps you to create demands proactively in order to highlight them to the whole network for a better future procurement planning.
Highlight proactively your asset demands
Aeroji provides an overview of available aviation assets world wide and unlocks new sources and business opportunities.
Act value-added through overview of available assets
Instantly become a part of a qualified aviation network, make new connections with partners and unlock new business opportunities.
All notifications and actions will be collected in a single notification center, so you do not miss a message from a client, and get notifications about new or updated aviation assets.
Be up to date with custom notifications
Instant messaging allows you to cmmunicate with potential business partners directly on the platform. Documents can be exchanged and thereby all relevant infoormation towards a transaction is collected in a single system.
Coordinate in real time through instant messaging
Aeroji provides an overview of available aviation assets world wide and unlocks new sources and business opportunities.
Grow business within reliable network
Simplify your work with tailored tools for documents, tasks and collaborations throughout all steps of the procurement process.
All relevant asset information is aggregated in a single system and can be made accessible to your selected business partners.
Increase productivity through intuitive use
Track interesting assets with bookmarks and compare your engines of interest side-by-side in order to expedite your decision making.
Evaluate quicker via suitable information
The asset availability calendar functionality provides you with a quick and easy way of updating your asset details, including marking the asset as "not available" or "only available for selected groups and partners".
Manage assets faster via convenient user interface
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