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"Why is it a debit card can be used at any ATM anywhere in the world and within seconds access personal banking records, yet finding a particular paper aircraft maintenance task record during a lease return can take a month or more?"
A senior vice president of technical and fleet support spoke at an industry trade show.
Daily business
Aviation Innovation Trends for efficient and flexible Operations
Characteristics of the
We use our aviation and IT expertise to create something new, something refreshing and something anyone can use with ease.
Aeroji's mission is to provide the convenient and transparent way for aviation business by reducing complexity, creating trust and connecting people.
Aero Engine Lifecycle
Business for high priced assets takes a lot of time
Building up a reliable network for engine business requires years
Finding the right engines is difficult
Engine business is complex and involves many people
No easy way exists for engine business, just outdated expensive listings and island solutions
Problem Framing
Insufficient market transparency

Supply and demand overview is restricted to participants network

Protective behaviour strengthens missing transparency and inhibits the network growth
Missing and low quality documenation hinders a smoth transaction

Objective performance and reliability indicators are missing (only brand awareness and personal experience)

Most showstoppers appear only after initial effort was made (wasted time)

Placeholders and incorrect stock availability reduces the business satisfaction
Lack of Reliability
Lack of Transparency
Lack of Convenience
Distributed procurement process

Many roles involved

Low connectivity & lack of interfaces
Smart Seven
Aeroji's Market Network Will Shape Future Engine Business
One-Stop-Shop Product
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