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Aeroji – Team Introduction Berkan Beer

Behind the scenes
We would like to continue with our introduction of the Aeroji team members in more detail. The fifth part here will be about our Berkan Beer who is strengthening the team with his broad experience in aircraft and engine trading business.

What is your professional background and how come you joined Aeroji?

I have a Master´s Degree in Industrial Engineering with the specialization in Aeronautical Engineering and Logistics. As of today I was lucky and determined enough to work within aviation ever since. My first chance after my Master Thesis was at Lufthansa Technics as a Project Engineer where I was mainly dealing with the airworthiness status of aircrafts. After almost two years I was able to become part of the transition department team at AirBerlin. There I had my first touching points with the lease business of aircrafts. As everybody knows AirBerlin filed in for bankruptcy, unfortunately, shortly after my arrival. I can ensure you I had nothing to do with that :-) However, I was given the chance to continue my lease business experience as a technical consultant for one of the biggest lessors. Basically what happened there is I have switched from the operator table to the lessors table within the leasing business. I was traveling a lot and was able to gain more and more experience with aircraft and engine transitions from one operator to another and also returning assets back to the respective owner.

After being with an operator and a lessor my next step brought me to MTU Maintenance, to be more specific, I became part of MTU Lease Services. MTU Lease Services offers MRO expertise combined with lessor knowledge. I was responsible for one specific engine type and had the duty to cover everything from lease, acquisition, sales, marketing and shop visit management.

The moment I have heard about Aeroji I was fascinated by the idea. Being part of the lease and trading business for a couple of years now I instantly captured the impact the Aeroji services will have to the business. As soon as I heard that they were looking for somebody who can bring expertise and knowledge of the trading business to the table my decision was made. After a couple of get-to-know-each-other rounds I was welcomed to the team and now excited to be part of something new and innovative.

What is your best characteristic (personal trait)?

Always a difficult question to answer because I believe that all humans do not have single best characteristic rather than a combination of those which makes them special. If I have to choose one I would say it is my professional behavior regardless of the adversities I am facing.

However, as I said it´s a combination of all therefore I do think that beyond of my professional behavior I am also a positive thinking guy paired with a sometimes weird sense of humor :-) I do like it when the atmosphere within a team is always relaxed and fun but still professional. Moreover, I consider myself of being a team-player rather than a lone wolf. This is not against guys that do prefer taking things in their one hand. I just prefer discussions within a team because sometimes a team-member will give you a different view of things which might get you closer to the solution or target you are trying to achieve.

What is the wisest insight you did receive in your lifetime so far?

I cannot name the one particular wisdom which stands above all others. During my lifetime so far I was pretty fortunate enough to meet and work with interesting people, who would always have something wise to say. Moreover, the wisdoms your parents shared with you will always be part of your journey in life as well. However, I will share with you the one which helped me overcome some adversities recently:

Recognize future opportunities rather than moaning over the past too long.

I guess it is very self-explanatory. This is one of the insights which could be easily used for professional and private incidents. I used it for both events in 2021 and I am very happy with my decisions so far :-)

What has been the most memorable experience in your professional activities so far?

The most memorable experience was definitely during my time with AirBerlin. It lasted not long but within this short timeframe I gained so much knowledge and insights about the leasing industry as probably I would have in couple of years. The intense workload and time pressure returning over 140 leased aircrafts to the respective owners was unmatched till today. Paired with it was also the uncertainty of the own job because nobody knew how long AirBerlin would have lasted after they publicly filed for bankruptcy.

I also do cherish the strong team bond we had. It was during this times where it stood out that a heterogenic team with different personal characters but with the same goal in mind will achieve great things. Even when the tasks seem to be too big to handle.

That is also one of the reasons I am very proud joining Aeroji. The team consists of so many different characters, just too strong to fail :-)

What is 'Teamwork' for you?

Teamwork for me has a very powerful meaning. I do believe that in a well-functioning and experienced team, where teamwork has an important standing within the company, you will always be able to achieve your team targets as well as your personal ones.

In regards to the team targets, within a well working team nobody is more important than the task itself. Everybody is putting their egos aside for the greater good. Besides your current task and its due date, it is also crucial to support tasks running in parallel which are important for the company moving forward. Even if it means making extra hours by supporting other team members due to capacity or time related issues.

Teamwork regarding your personal targets could be described as follows: In order to achieve your own goals, you should always trust your team members and their opinions. That does not mean, that you have to adapt their feedback but within a good team, the opinion of another member is always respected and appreciated since you know it is always for your benefit. Seeing each other´s progress will push each team member, which automatically leads to the company's success.

How would you define the perfect relationship between a service provider/ a product and the customer?

The perfect relationships between service provider and customers are built as relationships between people. It is important that customers are given the opportunity to get as close as possible to the other party in order to build trust and reliability. The respective organizations are just working together to accomplish common goals and recognize that the goals of the business partners can create long-term bonds which lead to success for everyone.

But having an almost perfect relationship to the customer requires hard work in terms of understanding customer needs and desires. And then being obsessive over how you can meet them.

We know that it is very important to have customers as close as possible to the product. Not only do we proactively reach out to our customers but we also encourage them to have a significant share on future developments. The benefit is that the customer is helping us to tailor the features of tomorrow. Moreover the customers are appreciating that their feedbacks are being valued and finally utilized. Thus helps us to improve the customer experience tremendously and helps building a genuine connection with goodwill and loyalty. Ultimately those effects will form a strong company brand.

A case example would be our webinar sessions where we directly communicate with the customers. Moreover we let the customer decide through an interactive voting session, what the next Aeroji feature should be.

I would like to close this question with a quote from the CEO of a company which arguably has almost the perfect relation to their customers: Jeff Bezos said in an interview once, "We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better." And that is exactly the way we strive to be and welcome our customers as such. Just to reach the perfect relationship between customer and service provider.

Where do you see Aeroji in 3-5 years?

I am seeing Aeroji as the first port of call regarding to all transaction types effecting aircraft engines, such as leasing, acquisition and even receiving repair quotes from MRO´s. Basically the dream is to unite operators, lessors, logistic and MRO companies in one digital environment in order to do complex business processes much easier, also supported by special assessment, networking and handling tools.

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