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Webinars - A digital presentation method

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Webinars are not a new tool or method for today's businesses but with the ongoing rise of video contents in marketing, more likely due to the pandemic, web presentations are peaking again.

A web seminar or webinar is a video presentation which is hosted online. It usually contains business related information and is also used for sharing own knowledge virtually to anyone who is interested. Moreover webinars can be used as relationship-building between customers and presenters by being interactive. However, the use of webinars is limitless. They can be also used for internal meetings or workshops within a remote team.

Benefits of webinar sessions for customers

In regards to customer benefits one would be the long term value effects. Customers can review a recorded webinar session at any time long after the webinar has ended. In the best case scenario the users who were not able to join due to different time zones or other reasons or they just want to reference the material at a later stage will gain additional value if the content is available on demand. Most importantly any customer has the chance to experience the session the same way as everyone else.

Another advantage of webinars is that they are a good way to connect with worldwide customers and interact with them virtually. That means audience members can build a relationship to the host particularly due to giving direct and valuable feedback. Multiple feedbacks will lead to an interactive discussion. In other words, as a participant you'll be able to see and hear the host and other participants, almost as if you're sitting with everybody in the same room. This level of engagement will lead to a better understanding of the hosted topic and the information being shared. Having a better understanding of things increases your level of interested and loyalty to the company. It also helps you to place your own requirements to the hosting company without any delay and gives you a platform to share more details in regards to your wishes and needs.

A hardly noticed benefit of webinars is that neither you nor the hosting company needs to be well experienced in web conference technology. Present web conference software has become faster, more reliable and especially very user friendly over the past years.

Benefits of webinar sessions for companies

Regarding the financial and organizational effect webinars are very cost effective, convenient and easy scalable. However, you will have to calculate costs for webinar development and perhaps web conferencing technology, but you will not need extra budget for travel, venue, accommodation and catering expenses. These costs are usually dedicated to hosting in-person seminars and therefore negligible. Moreover you do not have to deal with the logistics, limited space and time issues hosting such event. You can easily schedule your webinar for 30-90 minutes at a specific date and scale the number of participants accordingly. Due to no seat restrictions compared to a physical event, there should not be any problem to accommodate more people from around the world than initially planned.

From the marketing perspective webinars are also very valuable. Since you are not limited by location you have the opportunity to extend your reach across international borders through the internet. Additionally webinar marketing will help you to present your business and ideas in front of a variety of people, which then could increase your brand awareness every time you host a new online event.

In regards supporting your sales activities with webinars, compelling content is key for success. Using webinars as a way to educate and train attendees on your products and services, highlight your expertise and experience can motivate participants to join your business vision. Thus makes it easier to move them through your marketing and sales funnel in order to convert them into customers. Webinars sort of helps you to grow your leads and sales by offering you an effective way of growth at a lower cost per lead.

Today's experts predict that online videos will make up approximately 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. That means that the present target audience is more likely to pass on articles and written content but is actively looking for video content. This prediction is one of the main drivers why search engines like Google reward websites that publish high-quality videos with higher rankings in their search engine results pages. In order to gain more awareness you can easily repost your webinars to your website and social pages. This will enable you to drive a consistent stream of targeted traffic to your online properties without any cost. In theory, since modern consumers prefer the video content, it is fair to say that the targeted audience is more willing to link to the videos a company creates. This result in a greater SEO performance compared to companies without any video content.

Summarizing the major benefits of webinars would give out the top list below:

  • cost and time effective
  • easy scalable
  • valuable long time
  • user friendly
  • supporting customer engagement
  • helping to build brand awareness
  • increasing SEO performances

The first Aeroji webinar - Available for Beta user

Due to the fact that Aeroji stands for a new and easy digitized way of doing business we recently offered all our Beta users to attend our very first Aeroji webinar. The webinar was held shortly after reaching the first milestone - first half of the Beta testing phase of the Aeroji platform. The intention of the webinar was to guide users through the platform, introduce them to new features and discuss use cases. In addition we showcased our future functionality roadmap and let the user decide, which feature receives highest priority and should be implemented next. The webinar was very successful and we highly appreciate the feedback received during the Q&A session. A recorded version of the webinar is now available for all beta users. If you are interested, join us and become a beta user.

We welcome all new interested parties to join the Beta! In the long term perspective the recorded webinar will give you a perfect start with Aeroji.

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