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Aeroji Beta – Halftime Review

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It´s halftime! Usually the moment where to analyze the first half in order to improve your doings and acknowledge the accomplishments so far, if any. Well, we choose a slightly different approach by analyzing and celebrating the first half and in parallel are encouraged to continue performing on our highest level in order to satisfy our user community. We want to keep going, keep improving, keep getting your feedback in order to keep getting better. However, it´s halftime and we would like to present you a quick summary about the first half and also provide an outlook regarding alterations for the second half of the Beta phase.

First Half of Beta Testing - Acclimating oneself

The Aeroji Beta phase started mid of December 2020 and is accessible and in operational mode since then. During the first half of the testing phase and thanks to the valuable user feedback, we identified and fixed some initial bugs which contributes to a stable performance of the platform. In parallel we integrated new functionalities and optimized the usability of existing features.

On day one we started the Beta phase with 7 trading professionals. As of today we host over 35 engine leasing, trading and MRO professionals from over 25 companies and 16 countries worldwide as Beta users. We are grateful that the aviation professionals from British Airways and MTU Lease Services have recently onboarded the Aeroji platform. The platform itself is continuously improving, also according to valuable feedbacks of the current Beta users. Therefore we appreciate our communities feedback very much and are keen on to receive more input to their needs.

At the end of the first half of the Beta phase, we invited all users for the first Aeroji webinar. The intention of the webinar was to guide users through the platform, introduce them to new features and discuss use cases. In addition we showcased our future functionality roadmap and let the user decide, which feature receives highest priority and should be implemented next. The webinar was very successful and we highly appreciate the feedback received during the Q&A session. A recorded version of the webinar will be available very soon, so every new beta user will have the chance to review all shared information. Because Aeroji stands for transparency.

Second Half - New features, no playground, just real assets

The biggest change for the second half of the Beta testing is, that we are leaving the playground phase on March 4th . Every Beta user will now upload real assets onto the platform in order to explore the full potential of the current and later implemented functionalities.

In our past blog post "KPI for Transparency" we shared our opinion on how important KPIs would be for your own business opportunities. KPI´s give you a metric or beneficial premonition to assess the future business partner or opportunity accordingly. In the second half of the Beta testing phase we have implemented our KPIs, which are completely new in the engine business. The KPIs will be visible for every user on the platform. Another new feature are the multiple asset transaction types. We are not only focusing on sale and purchase but have other options available for any role in the aviation business.

The development will always continue! We still have some future features and functions we are looking forward to implement and receive feedback for. Currently we are working on the features which were prioritized by the users as result of the survey during the webinar. We received valuable feedback from a buyers perspective. This feedback is a very well known problem, which was never targeted before. We think we might have the solution. As you already know, our solutions shall always benefit the whole community. If you would like to know more details about it, we would be more than happy to schedule an online session for proper introduction and showcase reasons.

Be part of it and benefit

Depending on the onboarding point in time within the testing phase, you will receive an additional free period bonus after the launch.

Previously we asked operators and engine owners to experience the platform first hand, but now would like to encourage also MRO service providers to subscribe in order to not miss the invitation of a future specialized webinar for MRO providers. Aeroji sets itself up for future functionalities and strives for expanding the support for the MRO community with tailormade processes. The platform will benefit from the growth and provide continuously more value within a growing network of community members.

Follow us!

By following our posts, you will get to know the product, follow the development process and be the first to know about newly incorporated features. You can provide your comments and proposals and thereby participate on the continuous improvement of the platform for the benefit of all existing and future users. We would like to establish an interactive relationship with our readers – independent of whether you use the platform or not.

We are there for you anytime to answer all your questions and to listen to all your proposals as well as criticisms. All your feedback is very much appreciated. Just let us know at or on any social network.

Your Aeroji Team