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Aeroji – Team Introduction Vladimir Artemenko

Behind the scenes
We would like to continue with our introduction of the Aeroji team members in more detail. Part 4 is about our Co-founder Vladimir Artemenko, Aeroji's corporate and product designer.

Briefly about yourself. Who are you?

My name is Vladimir, I am from Krasnodar and I am the product designer at Aeroji. In our team, I am responsible for corporate and product design with the goal to create the most convenient service for procurement of aero engines and networking in the aviation sector. I believe that design decides whether a product is successful or not.

Tell us about your professional path. Why design?

Many people are looking for their purpose and do not always find it. I was lucky, I knew what I wanted to do in life. In those distant times, I did not even know what UX was, but I was always attracted by modern Internet technologies and computer graphics. It only remained to combine these two directions.

Therefore, I first graduated from college with a degree in Computer Engineering and Automated Systems Software and then entered the university at the Faculty of Art and Graphics, where I studied the basics of design and graphics for six years. During my studies, I was fortunate enough to cooperate with large organizations such as Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, various commercial banks and other business entities.

I have come a long way from a small advertising agency to such a huge IT corporation like Epam. But most importantly, in all these companies I came across people who willingly shared their professional experience with me. For which I am immensely grateful.

I always wanted to create not only visually beautiful interfaces, but also convenient ones. I want to participate in creating software products that thousands of people will see and gain a seamless and positive experience.

How did you come to Aeroji?

It all started about 2 years ago. Max, with whom we had already been involved in small IT projects, visited me from Berlin and told me about the idea to create such a service as Aeroji. He showed me a presentation about the idea and it sparked me.

Working in various companies, I always got into projects where the fundament of the product has already been implemented and it is already very difficult to make changes. Aeroji gives me the creative freedom that I have dreamed of. To create a service for the aviation industry from scratch is not a chance everyone receives in life! Of course, I did not hesitate to join the team as a product designer and co-founder of Aeroji. Sometime later, while in Berlin, we were sitting in a cafe on a hot summer evening and were passionately discussing the next steps of the project.

This is my story :)

What inspires and motivates you?

My main inspiration is music and people. Music creates mood, and people energize. I'm talking about those people who burn, not smolder. People who create something and strive for something.

In my opinion, the key to development is to surround yourself with the most inspiring and talented people. It's like in sports, you need to practise with strong players to develop yourself and to achieve success.

About motivation, it is simple - my parents. Being ordinary working-class people, they still gave me everything in this life. I never needed anything more. I'm 33, and they still go through all my ups and downs with me. They don't understand anything about IT, but I still share our news from Aeroji with them. Now, I have kids myself and I hope to be the same role model for them as my parents are for me. Do what you can do the best way and enjoy the results.

How do you see Aeroji in the future?

I agree with my team member Semih on that question, I see Aeroji being the main platform for engine transactions and business communication in the aviation industry. We will become an example of how digital technology makes life easier. I am striving for Aeroji to be an outstanding example for UX solutions.

And in conclusion. What can you say about the guys you work with?

These are young and talented guys. Everyone is a specialist in their fields. With such a team, nothing is scary.

In our life, there is very rarely a chance to meet partners with whom you can do something cool, in which you believe, that you are really interested. I think I was lucky. We live in different countries, speak different languages, but together we can solve common problems and go towards success.

I am proud to be one of them!

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