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The aircraft engine trading business has always been a highly competitive market. Every company that deals with engines (e.g. Lessors and Airlines) knows that getting the right engine at the right price and at the right time is a key element to a successful business. Aeroji develops various features that support planning security and unprecedented transparency. And with it to live our vision - A world in which the aviation industry meets at eye-level and does business as easy as booking a flight.

Next Step Towards Transparency

In our previous blog post #9 "KPI for Transparency" we describe one step of ours to get closer to our vision simply by adding more transparency to the business and connecting them with a set of newly defined KPI´s.

The Aeroji KPIs help to filter the right engine from a multitude of search results on the Aeroji marketplace as quickly as possible. They also help you minimize wasting time within the process by giving you a higher positive rating from the engine and dealer, the more key information is available from both.

The main thesis is as follows: Our created KPI´s will help to support the own expectations regarding your business partners and the chosen asset. Moreover they will prevent the rise of unsatisfied customers in every way.

So, what does our next step look like to get closer to our own vision? Before we go into more detail, I would like to tackle something general.

The engine business distinguishes between two different starting positions:
You are an engine owner and have a portfolio of one or more engines. You have to be aware of the availability of the engines throughout the year, whether its on lease, currently in the shop for repair or at what date becomes available for sale.
You are an operator or lessor and in need of an engine, could be now or any time in the future. You need to be aware of the worldwide engine availability of engines which are meeting your technical and economical requirements.
For both positions it is essential to do a proper portfolio management and planning. As the owner, it is essential to know which engine is available exactly when and how long.

Tracking Problem

But how can every engine be tracked? Well, most companies create their own processes to track all relevant deadlines. Some track deadlines via a MS Excel file, others as appointments in their own outlook calendar. With a portfolio of 20 engines, it can be challenging to track that. With a portfolio of over 50 engines, it doesn't get any easier. It is therefore becoming more and more difficult to track many engines and their most important events in parallel with different tools in order to have a proper overview.

So what would be the best tool or feature to be able to check and schedule many events at once, a tool that supports your own planning attempts?

How about the forever known calendar, but independent from the already known software solutions? The calendar is a mighty tool which combines several key advantages:

It reminds us of important events
It helps us to prioritize,
It helps to act foresighted
It provides insights of the own availability or those of others.

Next Step to Our Vision

Aeroji's calendar tool supports exactly this planning. The availabilities of all engines from the company's own portfolio can now be visualized in a single annual display. This means that you can see at one glance which engines are available for lease or sale, giving out the monthly date range, whether it is currently not available or scheduled for maintenance. Assuming that the party, which is in need of an aircraft engine, observed all relevant parameters and comes to the conclusion that the aircraft engine is technically matching, the price is reasonable and in the expected range. Moreover the business partner is trustworthy and the background check was successful. However the engine will only be needed in a few months' time. The common choices are now to basically reserve the engine for a monetary contribution or run the risk of not getting this particular engine anymore, because it has been used or sold elsewhere by the owner. With the Aeroji calendar you can easily keep track of all your interesting engines, or support your streamline planning within your own portfolio.

Proper planning creates a higher probability for success, especially for those who need an engine at some point in the year or immediately. The user can use the calendar feature to see which matching engines are available from the marketplace, in order to place the relevant request accordingly.

In a fast moving world a calendar is such an essential tool for anybody of us, either in our professional or in our private live. It's the first thing we look at when the day starts and the last thing before we go to bed. This is why we think, that a calendar is a necessity for any engine.

Become one of our final beta users in order to check out all current features for your own aircraft engine portfolio.

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