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Company Milestones

Dear Aviation Community, what a year 2021 it has been! With an omnipresent virus recovery in aviation was a struggle but several measures were put into action to come out of the crisis as strong as possible. Today we would like to give you a brief summary about our launch and development in 2021 and a forecast for 2022.

The Aviation Challenge

As stated in our last years blog post ´Happy New Year´, the year 2020 will be remembered as one of the most troublesome and challenging year in aviation history due to Covid-19, especially when we think about the record braking sales and transportation numbers forecasted beginning of the year 2020. However, we all hoped for a quick recovery in 2021. Unfortunately the virus's spread and mutation resulted in repeated shutdowns, and different rules and regulations regarding vaccination status have caused the aviation industry, in particular, to recover more slowly than expected.

Despite the negative effects on aviation, we could clearly see how every industry player quickly adapted to the new situation in order to recalibrate and reassess their own business strategies and models. We at Aeroji do our best to support the engine aftermarket segment in adapting to the challenging situation.

2021 - The First Year

As of today more than 65 engine leasing and trading professionals from over 50 companies and 25 countries worldwide joined Aeroji. Moreover there are more than 15 engines live on the marketplace with up-to-date records for sale and lease purposes at this point in time. Within 2021 we ensured a stable performance of the platform itself and with the integration of new functionalities we are able to elevate the user experience even more. We introduced the Aeroji KPI´s which are indicating the completeness of provided information about an engine on the marketplace and the respective business partner itself. We implemented the demand page for aircraft engines and just recently the calendar feature on the platform in order to support fleet planning and lease forecasts more precisely. In regards to the engine segment it is now possible to offer or search for Turbo Prop engines on the market place as well.

Last year was also the first year for our young company to be part of of the most important aviation conferences. We connected with many aviation professionals and are excited to link some business opportunities in 2022.

2022 – The Challenging Second Year

For the year 2022, we will continuously upgrade Aeroji by introducing a number of new features and functionalities, thereby optimizing usability and our users' experience. Our main goal will always be to meet our (Aviation including Aeroji) high expectations for an easier trading process with an integrated network and effective data management. And, of course, to create a transparent environment for all participants in the engine aftermarket.

We would be more than happy to give you more insights about our doings and ideas and are open for every feedback you might have. As of 2021 we do know that we are slightly behind our internal schedule, but we are still willing and eager to fulfill our own vision and looking forward for a great 2022.

We are looking forward for the next steps of aviation recovery and will gladly be a contributor for a new era of business in 2022. If you want to be a part of Aeroji, join for free and get your user experience first handed. See you on our platform.

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