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Know The Demand For Your Asset

Maximilian Sieben
Finance, Strategy
In our blog post today, we would like to introduce you to the next feature that takes our platform one step further towards our vision of a world in which the aviation industry meets at eye-level and does business as easy as booking a flight. For this purpose, we will take a closer look at how we can create improved transparency for all parties involved and show how Aeroji's users will benefit from our approach.
Data - Your best friend
For starters, let's talk briefly about data analytics and who can benefit from it. Data analysis is becoming more and more important in today's business world. Big data and analytics are considered as an emerging technology that revolutionize aviation and transform it digitally into a technically savvy and customer-oriented industry. The idea behind it is to understand the data you have, analyze it and share better business prospects. It is a kind of business intelligence that is used for faster decision making, gaining profits and making better use of resources. Data analytics can make a significant contribution to improve managerial operations and relate it to the facts, rather than uncertain assumptions. Companies in aviation already drive valuable insights by analyzing the vast amount of available data e.g., to create better experiences for travelers, to understand customer preferences based on their purchase history and provide them customized offers or to improve MRO planning through predictive maintenance.
What about your demand?
If we think about platforms and services in general, most platforms provide the possibility to offer products on their marketplaces and thus provide everybody with an overview of available products, which is a very valuable information for the customer. In many cases there are options to purchase additional packages, tools or premium accounts to gain a deeper insight into analytics, which is supposed to bring additional benefits for the user. The problem is that in most cases, only the supply side and the personal analytics are mapped, but the demand side is often neglected and remains subject to the platform operator. We at Aeroji believe that showing the demand on a platform with a lot of providers and similar kind of products can be of great value for our users. Therefore, this article focuses on the demand side of our engine platform and briefly outlines how our users can benefit from it. It's only about Aeroji's basics, but even these are game-changing for today's engine business.
Quick solution - A first step
In order to align the development of our platform as best as possible to the wishes and requirements of our customers, we hold feedback discussions and webinars with our beta users. Here, the wish was expressed that not only the offer, but also the placing of a request for specific engines on the platform should be made possible. So, we have included this requirement, evaluated it and discussed possible solutions. The most obvious solution you might think of is a visualization of individual product searches analogous to the offer as you might know it from some other platforms. But as we know from our personal experience, these ads are seldom searched and looked at in detail. For this reason, we have considered an alternative solution that has been well received by our beta users in the past webinar. Instead of mapping each individual request, we implemented a first version of a solution that helps individual users to see the entire demand side and understand the specific details. In this way, on the one hand each supplier is going to know the specific demand for his uploaded engine within the Aeroji community and may even be able to align its portfolio to the existing demand in order to be able to act more effectively on the market. On the other hand, the buyer's search will never be neglected and will always be presented to potential suppliers.
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