Our team consists of young professionals with strong professional track in aviation industry – especially in aero engine design and maintenance domains – and we have a successful track in digital product design and development as well.
Aeroji is based in Berlin, the center of Germany's innovation and startup ecosystem.
Our team
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Dimitri Martel
I experience joy and satisfaction if I can help develop client-focused products in a teamplay setup. If the customers can make data-driven decisions based on transparency, then you can hear my heartbeat. Right interfaces and data flow optimization are the key, as there is no room for waste in our world.
Berkan Beer
You always meet twice. That is my credo when starting new relationships on busines or private matters. And therefore I always strive to solidify partnerships with people who have the same targets and people who are interested in innovation.
Co-Founder & Business Development Manager
Semih Dinc
My fundamental attitude is there is nothing impossible. I was raised with a curiosity why things are the way they are. This curiosity paired with the ability asking questions from an outstanding point of view always leads to creative solutions. So all-in-all I love solving challenges that seem impossible.
Maximilian Sieben
Interested in disruptive innovation, digitalization and process improvement, I always try to go through life with open eyes and an open mind for new things. This mindset combined with analytical skills and work experience helps me to create creative solutions to existing problems.
Co-Founder & Product Designer
Vladimir Artemenko
I always felt and knew what I want to do in life. I always wanted to create not only visually beautiful interfaces, but also convenient ones. I want to participate in creating software products that thousands of people will see and use. I am sure that I will work on many more interesting projects in the future.
Our valies
At Aeroji, it is important for us to always act honestly, to be compassionate, friendly and faithful. We value our customers and business partners the same way we value our team members.
Openness and Honesty
We value joy and remarkableness. We are not another stiff and greyscale company. We maintain the ability to laugh at work and believe that great things can be done without a tie.
Positive Spirit
Being a successful company means constantly changing. In our team, we are not just not afraid of change but enthusiastically accept them and even encourage it.
Accept changes
At Aeroji, we always strive to exceed expectations. When it comes to organizing our business, we are focused and serious. We know that high quality products are resulting from hard work and great efforts.
Exceeding Expectations
Passion is the fuel that drives our team. We value dedication, determination, perseverance and understanding of the urgency of the task. We act with enthusiasm, because we believe in what we do and in which direction we are headed.
Driven by Passion
Our team philosophy is based on the idea that people are the largest and most valuable asset. Therefore we embody a culture of equality over hierarchy, where comfortable atmosphere leads to positive outcome.
Value people
We are a tight-knit team with a common goal. Here is what we stand for and believe in: