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How-to instructions

All the things you need to know about Aeroji.

How-to instructions

All the things you need to know about Aeroji.
How do I register / sign-up ?
After proceeding to the log-in area, you enter your business email address, your full name, a password and confirm the terms and conditions.

Afterwards you will receive a confirmation email to your business email address with an account verification link.

When logging in the first time you'll be send directly to your personal profile, which you can complete. There you can upload your photo. You don't have to put a photo of yourself, but be advised that a personal photo scientifically increases the conversion rate.
How do I upload my asset portfolio?
There are two ways to upload your asset:

  • By clicking on "+" icon: When you click on the "+" icon next to your profile picture you are directed to a blank engine page. On that page you can fill all important asset information. Just click on the 'Save' button when you are ready. You can always come back and edit all fields. Note that while editing your asset details any changes are automatically saved.
  • (Coming soon) Upload your whole portfolio at once using a CSV template: when you use this option you just have to fill the fields in the presented spreadsheet. Be aware, if there is a failure in the dataset, this dataset will not be uploaded, but will be shown to you afterwards, so you can adjust them.
Either way Aeroji stands for transparency and efficiency. So the more information you present the higher your assets will be ranked in the marketplace. Therefore your asset will be more likely in the first pages, because it accelerates the match making for other users.

The information you can fill on the item create page includes:


  • OEM
  • Engine Model
  • Engine Type (Thrust will be defined automatically)

Engine Details:
  • ESN
  • TSN
  • CSN
  • CR
  • Limiting LLP

Business Details:
  • Transaction Type
  • Price
  • Environment
  • Offered to
  • Owner
  • Available Periods

Other Details:
  • Condition
  • Detailed Condition
  • Last Operator
  • Mod Status (SBs)
  • QEC
  • Description

How do I search engines?
Just go to the marketplace and type in all your search criteria. The main criteria you can filter are:
  • OEM
  • Engine model
  • Engine type
  • Engine condition
  • Type of transaction
  • Location
  • Availability period
Additional filters will be implemented in the near future.
How can I save a search filter?
You can save your search on the marketplace by just clicking on "Save search". You can customise the name of the saved search and this search with your specific criteria will be saved.

You can go to all of your saved searches by clicking on your profile photo on the upper right and select "Saved searches". You will be automatically directed to your saved searches dashboard.

(Coming soon) On that dashboard you can activate or deactivate notifications. Notifications for every saved search will be activated by default. So whenever an engine, which matches with your search criteria, is added to the marketplace you will get an automated notification and email if selected.

Your saved searches act as a search agent for you. The best thing is: You can have unlimited search agents.

When you have no more interest in that search you can also delete them by clicking on the bin icon.
How do I change the view of the search results?
You can change the view of the search results with the toggle bar just below the main criteria. You can switch between:

  • Card view
  • List view
  • Map view
How to bookmark an interesting item on the marketplace?
You can bookmark an engine by just clicking on the 'Bookmark' icon. There is also a dashboard just for your favourite engines. You can find the dashboard by clicking on your profile and selecting 'Bookmarks'. When this engine gets an update by the owner you will receive an automated notification and email. In case you lose interest in this/that engine just deactivate the 'Bookmark' icon
How can I compare engines?
Whenever you click on the 'Comparison' icon of an engine, this engine will be saved automatically for comparison in your comparison dashboard. You can find the dashboard by clicking on your profile picture and by selecting "Comparison". All selected items to compare will be displayed on the comparison dashboard side by side with all important parameters for quick comparison
How can I get an overview of the availability periods?
How can I add users as my contacts?
People love browsing through photos. So photos can support you, for example, by showing some details of the asset.
How does the communication work?
Aeroji offers you a safe way to communicate with other users. Therefore Aeroji monitors malicious content, i.e. including spam and certain file types (.exe, .zip, .rar)

Please be aware that each user acts on his behalf when communicating via aeroji. Therefore aeroji is not accountable for the content of communication. If you are suspicious about the content of the communication, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@aeroji.com.

These communications will be stored by Aeroji. Communications upon request from any user is accessible by aeroji, and, if strictly necessary, for security or law enforcement purposes, such as fraud detection and prevention.

Aeroji may analyse communications to improve its services. If you do not want Aeroji to monitor or store your communications made via Aeroji, please do not make use of the communication feature offered by the platform.