Berlin, Germany, December 6, 2020

Welcome to Aeroji Beta!

Dimitri Martel
Executive Director
We are so excited to announce the Beta launch of our aero-engine aftermarket platform!
It has been an amazing journey from the very beginning to the present day at Aeroji, having the idea in late 2019, founded in mid of 2020 and now starting to bring up the idea continuously. We are very excited to finally dropping the curtains in order to reveal the Beta version of our aero-engine aftermarket platform to the world, despite all the challenges worldwide.

The purpose of the platform is to connect engine sellers and purchasers as well as lessors and lessees (operators) at first.In the current context of the corona-crisis the majority of aviation sales and purchasing activities are massively affected. The partial opacity of the engine market points out that all market participants show enormously high efforts, planning uncertainties and difficulties in strategic growth. The missing transparency of information together with extensive communication tracks are causing - in an environment which is looking for quick solutions - the biggest challenges for all market participants.

We are on a mission to digitise the aero engine procurement process including contractual and technical due-diligence and connect business partners in a convenient way. We will develop the platform to provide simplified aero-engine lease and sale processes with available tools like a marketplace, a social network communication system and documentation management. The platform will furthermore integrate MRO repair, end of lease and logistics providers to support all relevant aspects of the aero-engine procurement processes.

We are very pleased to announce that Aeras Aviation, Kellstrom Aerospace, KG Aircraft Rotables, and Onur Material Services will be our first Beta users for Aeroji alongside the many supporters from the broader aviation industry and we do look forward to establish strong and long lasting relationships with all our customers and partners. We are eager to develop our service continuously in a flexible, creative and collaborative way to exceed our customers' and partners' expectations.

However, all aviation professionals are welcome to join our Aeroji platform. If you are a Lessor, Airline, OEM, MRO or an engine aftermarket related company, we would appreciate to get in touch with you about how Aeroji can help to unlock new sources and business opportunities. Depending on the onboarding point in time within the Beta phase, users will receive an additional free period bonus after the launch in April 2021 ranging between 1-3 months. The platform will benefit from the growth and provide continuously more value with growing network.

As recently published in articles from Aviation-Week, Avitrader, MRO Business Today and others, the testing phase began on December 7th. The testing period is scheduled to last 4 months. In December 2020 the service will introduce a playground phase, where all Beta users, those interested in using the platform for asset trading and leasing and also all other supporters can start exploring the platform with all its features. Starting from January 2021 the 3 months operational phase of the Beta will begin with those users interested in engine transactions and with real asset items in the database.

During the Beta test, we will start the interactive development process in order to understand and capture missed requirements from any user side towards engine parameters and documentation on the product page, also evaluate the usability of the search agent, the communication system, the notification system and other features. The lessors use case for Beta test is very straight forward, adding available engines and give feedback on functionalities. Due to the current flight demand situation a lot of operators will have sale lease back engines available in order to generate cash in these hard times. We also invite operators to place engines from their portfolio to the marketplace with a repair status or end of lease service demand. Your feedbacks during the testing phase will have major impacts on our continuous improvement of our service.

The beta testing environment can be summarized briefly by the following actions:

  • Create new asset items.
  • Use the search engine to see what is available on the marketplace.
  • Set up the search agent for interesting asset criteria.
  • Favour and compare available assets.
  • Start building your network and communicate with other users

For best user experience we kindly ask you to use a PC with any Chromium based browsers such as:

As mentioned above, the beta testing phase and the feedbacks gained out of it will have an enormous impact on further developments of the platform. That being said please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you want to join as a beta user. You will be able to send us ideas or report bugs you might have during the beta phase directly and help tailoring Aeroji accordingly. Of course you can get in touch with the team members directly. Some of the team members will have a profile setup in the Aeroji network for quick reach out. It is planned to have virtual feedback sessions from time to time where you can share your platform experience and propose any improvements or future functionalities. This is an important step as we really want to continue developing a platform with the best value adding features for you.

Together we can create a world in which the aviation industry meets at eye level and does business as easy as booking a flight.
Special Thanks
The Aeroji team would like to thank all the editorial professionals who published an article about our launch in several countries. We discovered articles in English, Russian and Chinese. You gave us the chance to introduce ourselves to the aviation community and transported our vision and goals perfectly. Your open approach was and is highly appreciated and we look forward to stay in touch with all of you.
Thank you very much and we look forward to welcome you @!

Your Aeroji-Team
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